What is a dry garden ?

What if you opted for a dry garden to design your exterior to enjoy the beautiful days?

In times of drought, having a dry garden is ideal to minimize your water consumption, especially for maintenance and watering. Composed of heat and drought resistant plants, the dry garden is a great ally to enjoy a pleasant, design and environmentally friendly exterior.
It is the perfect combination between the mineral world and the plant world thanks to the planting of xerophytic plants that resist the evils of heat.

Exo Jardins, your landscaper in Théoule sur Mer specializing in landscaping, tells you all about the dry garden that combines beauty and eco-responsibility.

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What is a dry garden ?

dry garden

When we talk about a dry garden, we are talking about a garden that is entirely designed to resist drought and to be water efficient. The plants used, called xerophytic plants, are adapted to the climatic conditions of the garden in terms of temperature, exposure to the sun or water irrigation.

The secret of these plants to resist the sometimes arid conditions of the south of France? Their physiognomy! They often have thick leaves, succulent stems or deep root systems to collect and store water.
The dry garden lasts all year long thanks to the plants that can be qualified as Mediterranean plants that particularly like mild and warm temperatures unlike the alpine plants for example.

Why create a dry garden ?

When you opt for a dry garden, you make an ingenious choice for your exterior but also for the environment with many advantages

Minimized water consumption

Your dry garden requires very little water and consumes very little water, a major advantage in our region where, in times of drought, many restrictions are placed on its use by individuals and professionals.

A reduced maintenance cost

The maintenance of your garden is easier and less expensive in terms of watering but also pruning, mowing or fertilization, which considerably reduces expenses.

Increased drought resistance

Plants used in a dry garden thrive in harsh and arid climatic conditions (heat, drought, nutrient and mineral poor soil).

An environmental commitment

By creating this type of exterior, you commit to an environmental approach with :
  • a reduced water consumption ;
  • a limited use of chemicals and other fertilizers;
  • a good match between the plants and the climate of your region.
The dry garden has it all!

How to design a dry garden ?

creating a dry garden

Designing a dry garden cannot be improvised. First of all, you have to take into account the location of your garden. If you live in the Mediterranean basin, you can create a dry garden thanks to the dry and sunny climate that characterizes it.

The type of soil also determines the feasibility of your outdoor design project, two types of soil are conducive to the durability of your dry garden:
  • sandy soil;
  • a fluffy soil;
  • a wet soil must be drained in order to balance the moisture content of the soil.
The best time to create your garden is most often in the fall for a quick growth of your plantations so that they integrate perfectly in their new environment.
The different types of plantations are also elements to be taken into account, some species are perfect to flourish in your dry garden as for example :
  • succulents : Echeveria, Sedum, Agave, Aloes ;
  • perennials : Agastache, Echinacea, Sage, Blue Thistle ;
  • cacti : Echinocactus (mother-in-law's cushion), Opuntia, Ferocactus; Mammiliaria ;
  • flower beds : Lavender, Yarrow, Iris Barbus.
To choose THE plantings that correspond to your exterior, call on a landscaping professional like Exo Jardin to create a custom composition.

How to maintain it ?

Now that your dry garden is established, it's time for maintenance.
Watering is an important element, especially to boost the growth of new plantings. It must be done in a reasoned way with a watering can or a drip irrigation system depending on the case.

The use of mineral mulch and weeding will reduce the proliferation of weeds and protect the roots of the plants.

Pruning may be necessary depending on the type of plant.

For the maintenance of your garden, the experts of Exo Jardin accompany you through a follow-up tailored for an exterior with authentic charm.

We are at your disposal to answer all your requests and to establish together your project of outside arrangement.

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