How to build a wooden terrace in your garden?

Want to take full advantage of your outdoors? Build a wooden deck in your garden!

This arrangement is perfect for lounging in the summer alone on a deckchair or enjoying a convivial moment with family or friends. The terrace construction project is increasingly in demand among home owners. It must be said that the garden is a real living room in our PACA region, whether in the Alpes-Maritimes (06) or the Var (83).

The construction of a terrace is therefore an important part of a successful garden design. Landscaper in Théoule-sur-Mer and Le Cannet, Exo Jardins tells you everything and supports you in the creation of your custom-made wooden terrace.

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1. Preparation of the terrace layout project

To design a patio in your garden or green space, you must start by thinking about the location. The preparatory stage of construction consists in delimiting the place where the wooden terrace will be installed.

You have to think about the exposure, the sunshine and the possible vis-à-vis the place with the neighbors.

In the context of landscaping, the terrace and its dimensions must be included in the landscape study plan so as not to take up too much space compared to the other arrangements to be planned. A professional landscaper will help you build your wooden deck while respecting the surroundings and the landscaping plan.

2. Dig and dig the land to level the green space

Once the location has been defined, the garden must be earthed to install the terrace in a stable manner.

The preparation of the ground of the green space must be carried out mechanically to remove the excess ground and to catch up with the possible problems of unevenness of the ground. The slope of the land must remain at 5% to allow the drainage of rainwater.

This intervention requires not only the use of professional machines but also an excellent knowledge of the terrain. Lowering the earth and catching up with the ground levels will allow the future terrace to be placed on stable ground. Leveling the land is essential for building a wooden deck!

3. Install the chosen wooden deck

The installation phase begins once the land has been leveled and leveled.

The wooden terrace chosen upstream is installed in the planned location in the green space or the garden. Mounted on pedestals or placed on a concrete slab, the wooden terrace must be installed with care to remain stable over the years.

If necessary, your garden professional will pour a concrete slab that will accommodate the future wooden terrace. The wooden planks of the covering will be laid later, respecting a special laying technique for each type of covering.

A wooden deck can take any shape you want!

For a small garden or a large green space, the wooden terrace adapts to all landscaping constraints. Trust a professional landscaper to build the landscaped terrace of your dreams!

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The advantages of a wooden terrace

Are you excited about building a patio for your exterior? Wood has many advantages in the design of a landscaped space.

The wooden terrace is very popular in the gardens of the Côte d'Azur. Both adaptable to modern and more classic gardens, the wooden terrace has many advantages both in terms of design and resistance.

Here are 3 advantages of having a wooden deck built in your exterior.

A natural landscaping outside

Wood is the favorite material of all homes!

Timeless, the wooden terrace is a natural aspect layout that appeals to modern spaces as well as more traditional exteriors. Depending on the type of wood chosen for the construction of your terrace, this living space may reflect an atmosphere in the green space.

Exotic woods for a terrace in a tropical Zen atmosphere or European woods for a bright and contemporary terrace, you have the choice to integrate the terrace into the landscaping.

Quick to set up even on complicated terrain

Unlike other terrace solutions, the wooden terrace can be installed on so-called complicated grounds.

After having earthed the land, the wooden terrace area can be easily integrated. A terrace on pedestals allows a quick and efficient installation to allow you to enjoy this new outdoor space as quickly as possible.

Do you want to create a terrace in your green space or in your garden? The wooden deck solution can allow you to enjoy a beautiful landscaping quickly.

Exo Jardins, landscape gardeners in the Alpes-Maritimes and the Var, takes care of setting up your tailor-made terrace. Our design office and our specialists led by Mr. Cumbo take care of preparing your land and installing your future terrace.

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