Exo Jardins gives you its advice in Nice Matin!

If you have a pond at home, you've probably already wondered how you could clean it... especially if fish live in it!

Because this question is asked by many pond owners, Exo Jardins has decided to answer as many people as possible through an article in Nice Matin. The regional daily newspaper came to collect our expertise in Théoule-sur-Mer (06) to find out how to properly clean its fish pond.

Landscape artist professional in garden layout and maintenance of spaces greens of the Côte d'Azur, Emmanuel Cumbo answered one of the Nice Matin journalists to provide valuable advice to readers who have a fish pond at home.

From surface cleaning to more technical cleaning, everything is reviewed in the article to answer as many questions as possible about cleaning natural ponds. Discover this publication of Nice Matin and do not hesitate to come back to us if you have specific needs and questions for the maintenance of your pond and your garden!

"How to clean a fish pond": Exo Jardins advises you in Nice Matin

What better than a professional to help you find the best ways to take care of your exterior!

For its article in Le Mag Loisirs special garden, the Nice Matin daily asked us to help readers obtain cleaning solutions for their fish pond. As gardening and landscaping professionals, we are used to installing and advising our customers on natural outdoor water points such as ponds or fountains.

These cooling elements indeed require particular maintenance throughout the year, more specifically when the hot summer days arrive .

It is therefore on the strength of our experience and our reference status in the field that Emmanuel was able to entrust his expert advice to carry out a proper cleaning of the fish ponds Nice Matin readers.

1. Clean the bottom and surface of the pool

Draining is not always recommended for cleaning a pond. Moreover, if you can avoid it, it is interesting to find an alternative which allows you to clean your pond without going through this stage which disturbs the ecosystem and the balance of life of the fish.

To clean your pool, you must first take the time and equip yourself.

Using a simple landing net, start by removing plant waste, dead leaves, grass residue from mowing or even pine needles. You can also remove dead insects from the pond water. The objective is to prevent the elements on the surface from eventually settling at the bottom of the pond and causing a proliferation of green algae.

For the bottom of the pool, you can clean it manually using a brush and a hammer (special accessory for cleaning pools) which will allow you to unhook any thread algae formed at the bottom of the fish pond.

2. Take care of the shoots of aquatic plants in the pond

When we talk about sunny days, we are also talking about the resumption of the hatching of plants in the garden.

In this respect, your pond is no exception to the rule since from spring onwards, your aquatic plants begin to sprout new shoots. During the period of cleaning your pond , so turn your attention to your aquatic plants to cut off the wilted leaves and mushy stems to refresh your pond plants.

By doing this, you bring more natural light to your plants and allow the young shoots to develop fully.

You can also take advantage of the spring-summer season to introduce new aquatic plants to your pond to enhance it. However, this is not a mandatory step: it's up to you to see what you want for your outdoor pool.

3. Integrating heterophobic bacteria into the pond filter

Bacteria are essential for maintaining a constant balance in your natural pond.

Indeed, heterophobic bacteria make it possible to space the maintenance of the filter and also offer the possibility of reducing the rate of nitrates in order to avoid the proliferation of green filamentous algae. The introduction of heterophobic bacteria is therefore very beneficial for the health of your pond.

However, bacteria can only be introduced if the pool temperature is 10 degrees Celsius. So wait until the weather gets cooler at night or out of season to bring this key maintenance item into your garden pond.

Good to know: we do not recommend that you install your natural pond in full sun to prevent the water in your pond from being too hot. The water temperature must be between 5°C and 25°C maximum for a fish pond.

4. Maintain and clean pool appliances

The outdoor pools are equipped with several devices to keep the pool in good condition throughout the seasons.

In this case, during your cleaning operation, it is important not to forget to clean the pool equipment. Clean them with water and scrub them with a brush to remove algae residue and dirt. During this special cleaning phase, you will also be able to ensure that your devices are working properly.

From the pump to the filter, passing by the water jet or the possible fountain of your pond , cleaning allows you to take care precisely of your natural pond.

You will have understood that maintaining a natural pond containing fish requires patience and observation. We are proud to have been able to appear in the local newspaper Nice Matin to present our advice on pool cleaning.

Thanks to the journalist Elodie Chartière for this article published in the Mag Loisirs de Nice Matin.

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