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Rethinking a garden or completely landscaping a garden is a big job.

You have to know how to find the most suitable solutions to create the desired garden and then implement a significant development work. Creating an alley, planting, maintaining trees, earthworks and / or riprap, it is difficult to carry out all the stages of a garden arrangement yourself .

For green spaces, the intervention is just as complex: each space must be designed to match the living habits of the place, the flowering of plants and the style of the garden.

A landscape gardener expert is therefore the best person to intervene and carry out all the work required to develop or rearrange an exterior.

Do you need to take over a wasteland? To enhance or modify your green space? Discover 5 reasons to call on a professional landscape gardener on the Côte d'Azur.

1. Optimize outdoor space

Thanks to his knowledge of the terrain, the constraints and his experience, a landscaper is able to bring all green space projects to life. Optimizing the space is the first step that the landscaper will take.

After the site visit, your project will be put on in plan and sketch by the landscaping company to allow you to project yourself.

This step also makes it possible to delimit the different spaces of the future green space. An aquatic area, alleys to be created , flower beds, a wooden terrace, landscaped masonry , a landscaper will offer you all the possible options in your green space.

The landscape study of the garden proposed by a professional landscaper helps to design the landscaped garden closest to your expectations .

2. Find the right plants to plant

You know that you like certain plants but are you sure they match your garden? Unlike an individual, a professional landscaper knows the evolution and characteristics of many species .

This allows landscaping a garden / green space with subjects adapted to space and style of the exterior. Depending on the desired atmosphere, a landscaper will be able to advise you on the appropriate plants for your landscaping project. Maintenance criteria , conditions of development, possibility of establishment, a professional landscaper will be able to accompany you in the choice of the best plants to install in your garden.

Also, a landscape gardener will tell you how to conserve and integrate the subjects already present in your exterior in the new layout.

3. Take advantage of a complete development offer

Landscaping landscaping requires a multidisciplinary intervention. Once the plan has been created, it is necessary to design the ideal garden in concrete terms and all the spaces planned on the plan previously established by the office of landscape study.

Creation of flower beds, pond installation , planter design, construction of terrace , automatic watering installation , installation of an outdoor kiosk, a professional landscaper is able to intervene on all levels. By choosing a recognized and reliable interlocutor, you benefit from a complete garden layout from A to Z. Landscape masonry, creation of green spaces, maintenance of plants, installation of fence , a landscaper takes care of everything.

Like a painter creates a canvas, a landscape artist completely designs the desired landscape garden with his keen eye.

4. Create the desired atmosphere in the garden

Do you want a Zen garden? Do you dream of a Mediterranean garden or beautiful terraces in your sloping garden? A landscape gardener creates the ambiance and style of green space you want.

Knowing the latest trends and the best outdoor landscaping solutions, a landscaped garden professional will be able to offer you the most appropriate options. Your development project awaits know-how and a creation of a special atmosphere . For creating a garden pleasant to live in everyday in In relation to your expectations, a landscape gardener can put his experience at your service.

The natural elements of the green space are logically articulated in order to design a garden atmosphere to match your project.

5. Take advantage of an ideal knowledge of the land and the region

To create a landscaped garden, you need to know what you are working on. While many individuals think they know the characteristics of gardens and green spaces in the south of France, it is not that simple.

By calling on a specialist in the creation of green spaces and gardens in your region, you benefit from a knowledgeable view of your project. The terrains of Alpes-Maritimes (06) and Var (83) have different parameters that must be taken into account. The unevenness of the land , the dryness of the soil or the maintenance constraints, a professional landscaping will be able to find the best creative options .

Take advantage of professional experience to develop your garden: a landscaper will adapt his intervention to your location and your green space.

You will have understood that a professional landscaper is the privileged interlocutor for all your outdoor development projects. By trusting an expert, you optimize the surface area of your property and you can create the garden of your dreams down to the smallest detail without a hitch.

What if we made your craziest projects together? Aldo Cumbo, landscape artist since 1992 accompanies you in all your desires of creating a custom garden. Exo Jardins family business in Théoule-sur-Mer and Le Cannet takes care of a multitude of options to compose your garden in the Alpes-Maritimes and the Var.

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