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Decorate your garden with furniture items to enhance it.

To make a garden pleasant and beautiful to live in, nothing beats the presence of small remarkable elements such as garden arches , a metal and glass gazebo or a fountain. These little additions allow you to create more distinct spaces and give your garden a whole new style.

The style of your garden or green space is determined by your choice of outdoor furniture ! Choose and have your outdoor equipment installed with the help of a professional landscaper who will be able to advise you on the types of garden elements, but also to find with you and for you the best location for each piece of equipment.

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Set up a private garden with a fountain, gazebo and / or designer garden furniture

As part of the landscaping, it may be interesting to install additional elements to create unique and well-defined atmospheres.

The beautification of your garden can therefore also be done by the installation of a gazebo.

This real outdoor room where it is good to relax in all seasons can be glazed or open like a wrought iron garden gazebo.

This equipment is full of charm and offers an exceptional living space in your garden.

You can green your gazebo or your garden arch to make it a specific and unique green space at the very heart of your exterior.

Looking for a zen layout?

If you like the concept of ponds / garden ponds or indoor ponds you are bound to love our garden fountains!

Installing a fountain in your garden creates a point of freshness outside the house.

Built in a designer or more authentic style, your fountain will twist the atmosphere of your garden and bring character to your entire green space .

Add fish to your fountain and you will enjoy a living decorative waterhole that will stand out from other gardens.

Fontaine creation Alpes Maritimes jardin - Exo Jardins - Theoule sur mer - Le Cannet - 06

Garden furniture installation -Exo Jardins

Need to arrange your terrace or part of your lawn?

The 'installation of garden furniture allows you to create unique and pleasant spaces where you can rest and fully enjoy your garden.

Garden furniture is an essential piece of equipment since it allows you to define relaxation areas in the green space.

Armchair, outdoor sofa, coffee table, deckchairs, dining table, the furniture adapts to your needs and tastes.

Choose the design of your outdoor furniture we install it for you in your garden.

Specialist in exterior design near Mandelieu-la-Napoule, Exo Jardins supports you in all your exterior design projects. We install the furniture and items you want outside your home for you!

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Installation of street furniture for municipalities and condominiums

Property associations or municipalities: your street furniture is installed by Exo Jardins.

Public places need special equipment to develop streets. In Nice, Antibes Le Cannet or Théoule-sur-Mer, the town halls seek to create pleasant streets with quality equipment. Professional in exteriors in the South region since 1992, we install street furniture in condominiums and cities in the Alpes-Maritimes and the Var.

Installation of wooden public bench in condominiums near Cannes - Exo Jardins

Installation of a public space planter in the town hall of Le Cannet

Installation of iron bins for the municipality of the Alpes Maritimes (06)

Benches, green bins, garbage cans, games for children, the Exo Jardins team installs all the desired equipment in the locations defined upstream together. We can advise you on the different placements depending on the pedestrian traffic axes for example.

Contact our agencies in Théoule-sur-mer and Le Cannet without delay to obtain more information on our professional services.

The layout of your exterior is a matter of expert: entrust your project to a family business recognized on the Côte d'Azur!

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