Landscape study - Garden analysis

Exo Jardin has a design office specializing in the creation of gardens, the design of green spaces and landscaping.

The landscape analysis makes it possible to design in advance the plans of the future garden to be created. To renovate a wasteland , restructure a poorly arranged garden , refresh an abandoned green space or even define the atmosphere of a virgin land , the landscape study is the key step that allows to obtain the desired result.

During this step, our landscape gardeners design creative plans adapted to the environment of your garden and the planned project.

Individuals, companies, communities, architects or developers, determine your future garden with a specialist!

Designing landscaping plans: create your garden in advance

With the landscape analysis of your garden, you can plan your future garden. Whether you have a specific idea of your desires or a project to build, the plans of the Exo Jardins landscape study office allow you to visualize the different spaces created in your future garden.

The objective: that your future exterior matches your lifestyle and becomes a pleasant optimized space from which you can fully enjoy.

During the design of the garden everything is studied so that the creation is optimal. From the atmosphere of the garden to the light provided, including the volumes to be created and the ease of movement in the paths, our design office reviews all the points to create a garden full of life and aesthetics .

The design of your garden influences the care of your plants and the health of your subjects!

Our landscape gardeners choose with you and advise you on the best varieties of plants and the best arrangements to achieve to create the perfect garden.

Do you have green spaces to refresh, a garden to rethink or create in Mandelieu-la-Napoule, Fréjus, Cannes or even Nice? Exo Jardins designs your tailor-made exterior.

Individuals, businesses, communities or architects
Design your green spaces on the Côte d'Azur with Exo Jardins!

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What are the stages of a landscape study for a successful garden?

A landscape analysis aims to transform gardens, enhance your home and transform existing outdoor spaces.

Your landscaping project goes through several stages before the landscape gardeners can bring it to life in the rules of the art. It is thanks to this process that it is possible to design in the best conditions the green spaces and / or the garden that you plan to create.

1. Evaluation of your garden and its possibilities

We discuss with you to know the key points of your project, your budget and your desires.

On site, we analyze the places to determine the different possible spaces . Using our expertise, we determine any constraints and specificities ( terrassement necessary, riprap , existing vegetation to conserve, swimming pool to enhance ... ) to offer you adequate solutions.

Our design office creates sketches and drawings to allow you to project yourself into your future green space. Sketches and photo montages give you an idea of what your garden can become in order to meet your requirements.

2. Forecast of working time for the realization of the project

Depending on the exterior surface to be developed and / or to be completely created , the time allowed for your site may vary.

The Exo Jardins team establishes in advance the working time necessary to complete your complete project.

The envisaged difficulties and the various constraints are taken into account at this stage to give you a fair response time.

This time includes the research and reflection brought to your project by our landscape experts in agencies in Théoule-sur-Mer or Au Cannet in the Alpes-Maritimes (06).

3. Development of a free personalized quote

Do you want to know the price of a total garden arrangement?

It is by having in our possession all the information of the project that we can give you a suitable price.

Before starting your custom garden creation work , we will provide you with a free site estimate.

Thanks to this estimate, you can design the precise budget to be allocated to your restructuring site or the creation of a landscaped garden in the Alpes-Maritimes.

4. Implementation of landscaping work

That's it, our teams can start creating your garden!

Thanks to our know-how acquired over the years and with the support of plans created upstream, our professional landscape gardeners create your garden or your green spaces.

Wood, stone, metal, we operate a selection of materials and plants to create the garden atmosphere of your dreams.

Do you have a question about our intervention? Do you need to contact us?

With Exo Jardins you benefit from easy communication with a single point of contact from the start to the end of your project .

Are you a private or professional owner of land to be developed? Are you a promoter or architect looking for a reliable company for your green space work?

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