Internal pond

Give your home an extra dimension.

Installing a natural pond in your garden creates a unique haven of peace in the heart of your property. By creating a mini indoor pool, you can install the water point you want depending on the space you have.

Beyond the purely aesthetic aspect, an indoor pool also helps create a natural ecosystem beneficial to the environment. It is a real asset to highlight an interior courtyard and create a unique and vegetal corner of freshness.

Bring nature into your interior by setting up an indoor pool!

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How to make an indoor pool? Exo Jardins expertise for your project

In a house with an interior courtyard or in an existing or planned luxury condominium, an indoor pool can change the soul of a building.

This creation makes it possible to sublimate the places by highlighting an aquatic fauna and special plants. Whatever the space, indoor pools can take many shapes and sizes to match the space.

The setting up of an indoor pool requires knowledge of the terrain and the operation of the equipment to be installed.

At Exo Jardins, our gardeners - landscapers in the Alpes-Maritimes (06) know the steps of 'a pool creation. On the Côte d'Azur, freshness points are essential and that is why the design of tailor-made indoor pools is in great demand. We have developed a precise process allowing us to offer the creation of an optimal indoor pool.

1. Site preparation

The first step is to prepare the ground for the future artificial basin.

We sometimes operate an earthwork if necessary and we start by delimiting the space allocated to the basin. Our team then digs the basin to a certain depth defined in advance. Our landscape specialists gradually dig the basin to give it the chosen shape and preserve the surroundings as much as possible during the work.

As for the construction of a swimming pool or l ' installing a terrace , the preparation of the ground is essential.

2. Installation of a liner adapted to the pelvis

To ensure the future waterproofing of the pool, it is essential to put in place a liner.

This PVC coating allows the pool to be created because without it water could leak and it would be impossible to set up a reliable and healthy indoor pool. We place the liner in the dug basin to consider the future filling of the latter.

Obviously, the liner is specially adapted to the pool created for each of our indoor pool creation projects.

3. Installation of a pump to maintain the water

In order for the created artificial pond to maintain a beautiful appearance and healthy water, we must install a filtration pump.

This special system allows you to filter the water in the pool so that it is always clean . The ecosystem created in the basin will also naturally keep the water healthy, but the pump will make it possible to strengthen the sanitary condition of the water to an optimal level.

Indoor pool - creation of natural pool - landscape gardener Exo jardins - Alpes Maritimes 06

4. Embellishment and development of space with planting plants

The basin is full and equipped, it's time to create a natural environment.

Aquatic plants are added around the pool to create a real natural environment indoors. We choose for you plants whose adaptability to the aquatic environment and the ease of maintenance we know to limit your interventions as much as possible.

After having recreated the atmosphere of a miniature natural pond , the indoor pool becomes a real unique asset, whether for a house or a condominium!

5. Installation of decorative pebbles

Last step and not the least, the decoration.

Creating a beautiful indoor pool requires special attention to detail. The contours of the basin are drawn by our landscape artists using river pebbles. These last elements give the illusion of a real edge of a pool in the middle of nature.

The mineral associated with the plant creates a Zen garden atmosphere full of charm.

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You too, adopt a basin to sublimate your interior! Exo Jardins takes care of setting up for you a small natural ecosystem without nuisance with an authentic aquatic flora and fauna.

Individuals, real estate developers, architects or even condominiums, call on our services in Cannes, Fréjus, Antibes or Théoule-sur-Mer and surroundings to have an indoor pool installed at your home.

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