Garden light

Enjoy your garden even after dark with suitable lighting.

An essential element to enhance your night garden, outdoor lighting allows you to create a whole new atmosphere in your garden . By choosing economical lighting and placing LED lights in certain places in your garden, you can highlight certain parts of your green space.

To accompany your balmy summer evenings or illuminate the common areas of a condominium, consider installing suitable outdoor lighting.

In the form of small solar elements to illuminate a path, spotlights at key places in the garden, an old-style LED street lamp or solar lanterns, the lighting proposals are varied.

Developers, architects, condominiums or individuals near Cannes, Fréjus or Antibes, your garden and landscape specialist Exo Jardins near Cannes helps you to light up your exterior.

Make an informed choice for your garden!

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Lighting for condominiums, residences and private gardens in the Alpes-Maritimes and the Var

Garden and outdoor lighting is an essential point that should not be overlooked.

These elements allow you to take full advantage of the terrace or to move around at night in peace in a residence. Thanks to the light, you bring comfort to your outdoor living space and you can highlight the strengths of your space.

The exterior lighting strategy is different depending on the needs emitted. Are you promoters or condominium associations looking for practical and aesthetic lighting? Are you looking for a designer lighting system? The perfect lighting exists and will allow you to meet all your expectations.

A lighting system to enhance a garden or a private green space

To enjoy your garden at night, put on light with lighting that will bring the atmosphere.

Light up your flower beds and trees, or your lawns with spotlights. These quick-to-install equipment can enhance the different spaces created in your landscaped garden. For highlight planters , spaces of landscaped masonry , beautiful subjects and plantations, our landscapers will help you to determine the key points to illuminate in your green space.

Practical lighting to illuminate the aisles of a residence

Don't forget the aisle lighting!

With discreet and stylish exterior bollards or even authentic style street lamps, you can offer a soft and suitable light to illuminate a residence. Condominiums all need a economical and practical lighting system allowing residents to be able to circulate day and night without hindrance.

Developers, architects or unions, consider installing a lighting system in your condominium projects for a safe and pleasant shared space even at night.

Lantern LED lighting zen outdoor pool - Exo Jardins - Alpes Maritimes - Var

Floor lamp - Exterior lighting - condominiums Nice Cannes 06 - Exo Jardins

LED aisle lighting - Exo Jardins

Suitable lighting to illuminate a terrace

Enjoy a climate of well-being by lighting the edges of your terrace with lanterns.

Balconies and terraces of houses or apartments also need a lighting system. Whether for lighting the edge of a wooden terrace < / a> in a garden or to gently illuminate a balcony, the solutions are varied to illuminate your exteriors.

Outdoor or indoor pond lighting

You have built a garden pond or a indoor basin ? Don't leave it without light!

The outdoor lights are waterproof and allow you to illuminate your pool to enhance it at all times. With soft and delicate light , you can sublimate your aquatic zen space.

Trust our landscape specialists to install the right lighting in your exterior in the Alpes-Maritimes and the Var.

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Which outdoor lighting to choose? Solar LED, electric halogen ...

Setting up outdoor lighting requires choosing from all the solutions available on the market.

While electrical installations are still present in some gardens, the trend is towards solar LED outdoor lighting. In an approach to saving energy, ecology and renewable energy, garden light becomes greener with priority given to solar lights.

All day long, spots, bollards or solar street lights capture the power of the sun's UV rays to restore it in LED lighting when night falls.

Outdoor LED lighting - garden - Exo Jardins - Alpes-Maritimes - Var

This system not only saves electricity but also contributes to ecology while enjoying sufficient lighting.

The softness of the LEDs allows to create a soft light adapted to each area of the garden . To frame an alley, to illuminate a pond, to highlight a key area of the garden or to illuminate a terrace, solar LED lamps are adaptable to all environments.

Do not waste time equipping your condominiums or your garden with an adequate lighting system: Exo Jardins, professional landscaper on the Côte d'Azur , takes care of put everything in place according to your expectations.

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