Tree pruning

Tree pruning and pruning is a special operation that must be mastered so as not to endanger its safety, the structures around it and the health of the targeted tree.

As for the pruning of palm trees , pruning trees allows you to clean the various subjects of their dead branches but also to give them back a breath of life and a beautiful look. By pruning, we can adapt the volume and orient the general aesthetics of your trees, prevent them from giving you too much shade, overtaking on the road or in the neighborhood or even allowing fruit trees to be more productive. .

Special intervention included in the maintenance of the garden, pruning has a complete role since it allows to enhance the trees , to prevent trees from disturbing the surroundings and to flourish better . It is a current operation to operate regularly to keep a beautiful garden landscaped with the seasons.

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What are the types of pruning and how to prune trees?

Tree pruning consists of gently reducing branches that are unnecessary, dangerous, diseased or even become troublesome over time.

If the tree does not need pruning in its natural environment, in a green space or a private garden, the tree will have to face various constraints. Nearby dwellings, roads, underground networks, power lines, a tree can have a hard time growing outdoors.

For this, pruning takes place in order to adapt and manage the development of the tree in the best possible conditions .

There are 2 main types of pruning depending on the trees you need to work on.

1. Fruit tree pruning

This major intervention concerns apple, cherry, pear and other fruit-producing trees. fruit pruning helps stimulate natural fruit production by ridding the tree of dry branches or branches that have already produced fruit. The fruit tree therefore regains strength through pruning and optimizes harvests.

2. Ornamental pruning

Common pruning of trees, ornamental pruning allows you to adjust the tree to the environment in which it is installed. The general aesthetic of the tree is taken into account and the size allows to find the beautiful original silhouette of the subject. Inconvenient or unsightly branches are removed so that the tree fits again perfectly into the exterior or the communal green space.

Palm pruning is also a special intervention. Exotic trees need special attention from a professional landscape gardener.

4 reasons to have your trees pruned with a professional pruner in the Alpes-Maritimes and the Var

Trees are special elements and require specific maintenance.

Individuals and municipal public services often call on professionals to prune their various subjects. And for good reason: whether for an optimal result or an absolute safety of the operation, only a professional company will be able to meet your needs.

As part of his activity, a gardener-paysagiste has the pruning skills necessary to achieve of all types of sizes.

  • Safety pruning
    This type of pruning involves removing dead wood and removing branches that may give way with wind, thunderstorms or simply over time. It is the pruning commonly carried out for the parks and subjects of urban area. It is also an essential pruning for some homes where trees threaten the safety of people.
  • Local pruning
    This type of pruning reduces branches that get too close to facades, power lines or even low branches that are dangerous on access roads. The public road is clear of branches to allow easy passage of pedestrians and / or vehicles.
  • Pruning to bring light
    The tree can suffocate and break its supply of light itself. This tree pruning thins the crown of the subject by removing the branches that hinder the natural development of the tree. The light can again benefit the whole subject for optimal blooming and also return to the garden.
  • Pruning to clear the view
    A tree can sometimes obscure a beautiful sea view or a view of the swimming pool. View pruning then allows the tree to be limbed in order to clear the view. This pruning is tricky since you have to select the right branches to cut to open the view.

A professional pruner can intervene at any height!

Do not risk the life of your tree and your safety: have your trees maintained by garden and green space specialists near you. In Cannes, Antibes, Fréjus or even Draguignan, the Exo Jardins landscape gardeners intervene for the pruning of your trees in a private garden, a communal green space or even an outdoor condominium < / strong>.

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