Phytosanitary treatment

Prevent diseases in your trees and plantations with a phytosanitary treatment.

The application of phytosanitary products may be required for maintaining a garden or green space . These treatments allow eliminate pests such as certain insects , larvae, fungi or even weeds which can harm the exterior.

The phytosanitary treatment adapts to the needs of the plants but also to the species and types of disease or pests such as the butterfly pest of palm trees. A company specializing in landscaping interventions, Exo Jardins is approved for the application of phytosanitary products in your green spaces in the Alpes-Maritimes and Var.

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Phytosanitary garden treatment: reasoned and respectful maintenance with Exo Jardins

Phytosanitary treatment is often seen as a maintenance solution that does not respect the environment or the garden.

This intervention, which consists of spraying herbicide, fungicide or insecticide products on the who need it in the garden often uses controversial products for their ecological impact. However, it is possible to opt for a respectful phytosanitary treatment!

Some products are made from natural elements which have the same effects as chemicals.

At Exo Jardins, we are committed to respecting nature by applying a reasoned treatment. Our products are carefully chosen before treatment and application is only carried out if necessary.

In this context, the phytosanitary treatment will allow to treat or prevent diseases of your plantations . It is an intervention that may be necessary to help the healing of your diseased plants and your infected plants.

Need to weed your driveways and borders? Phytosanitary treatments can be useful to eliminate noxious weeds that can grow in the garden, especially when there are many.

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5 rules for applying a phytosanitary treatment

Chemical or natural phytosanitary treatments are not applied lightly!

It is absolutely necessary to respect basic rules so that the phytosanitary treatment of green spaces is optimal and safe for the environment, people and the garden. Whether for the use of herbicide, fungicide and insecticide, there are 5 essential rules to operate a successful phytosanitary treatment.

1. Check that there are no other alternatives before treating the garden

No phytosanitary treatment is applied if other solutions exist! You have to be sure that it is necessary to go through the application of products in its exterior. If it is possible to dispense with phytosanitary treatment, it is better to observe manual or mechanical maintenance measures such as cleaning or even pruning trees.

2. Intervene as soon as possible

Prevention is better than cure is also the basic rule in the garden! The faster the treatment is taken, the greater the chances of success. You can thus take the problem at the root and limit not only the treatment applied and the spread of the problems in the surroundings.

3. Be careful to detect garden problems

As part of the garden maintenance you must be attentive at all times. It is by observing the garden and its evolution regularly with a routine maintenance of the green spaces that one can identify possible problems and deal with them as quickly as possible.

4. Avoid the spread of infection and invasion

The phytosanitary treatment carried out according to the rules of the art prevents the spread of infections and / or pests affecting the plantations. Fungi and parasites can affect your entire green space in a short time. Phytosanitary treatment can stop this propagation provided it is carried out properly.

To treat your palms, we set traps against the red weevil!

5. Control the dosages of the treatment

The doses and the choice of products used have priority in the phytosanitary treatment. The treatment must not harm the plantations that we are trying to save! A professional is therefore often required to implement the appropriate phytosanitary treatment.

Your garden is looking gray? Are your green spaces infested with pests?

In the Var (83) and the Alpes-Maritimes (06), our family business offers you its expertise to treat your green spaces and gardens. Aldo Cumbo, landscape gardener since 1992 accompanies you in the maintenance of your exteriors in the rules of the art.

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