Palm tree pruning

Pruning palm trees is a professional job.

These exotic trees very present in the PACA region require special attention to maintain their beautiful natural shape and preserve their health. Exo Jardins works on all types of palm trees in order to carry out sanitary and / or aesthetic pruning of palm trees in the Var and the Alpes-Maritimes .

Pruning palm trees will help keep them in good shape, clean them and check the health of your palms.

The pruning of palm trees must be even more precise if they are sick subjects, especially if the palms are affected by the red weevil.

Don't leave your palm trees shapeless: our landscape gardeners prune your palm trees on the Côte d'Azur.

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Why should you prune your palm trees for maintenance?

Palm tree maintenance is essential for your trees to stay beautiful and clean over the years.

Palm trees are the stars of the gardens of the Côte d'Azur. Present in many public green spaces in the municipalities of Var and Alpes-Maritimes, they are also generally requested in the aménagement creation de garden .

1. Palm pruning for healthy trees

The pruning of palm trees gives your exotic trees the opportunity to stay healthy.

In our southern region where the mistral often blows, palm pruning helps prevent fins from falling and dry regimes during strong winds. But that's not all ! Regular palm pruning - about every 2 years - generates perfect conditions for the tree to thrive.

By pruning your palm trees on a regular basis as part of a professional exterior maintenance , you also considerably reduce the number of pests which can nest in foliage or dry palms.

After pruning your palm tree, the tree will regain its strength to blossom again and generate new, stronger shoots.

2. Palm tree pruning for the aesthetic of the garden

The size of palm tree also allows to highlight the tree and more generally the landscaping.

Thanks to the size, the landscape gardener will leave only a large central clump of palms more aesthetic than dry palms without structure.

For this, we remove the dry leaves, cut the drooping palms in order to restore a beautiful natural shape to your palm tree. Obviously the pruning operation depends on the variety of the palm tree and its natural habit.

This is why, as garden maintenance specialist since 199 2, we ensure to keep the original natural look of the palm tree. For example, the size of the Phoenix Canariensis is made in the so-called pineapple shape to take the natural shapes of the subject.

Palm tree pruning - Nice - Cannes - Fréjus - Antibes - Exo Jardins

These exotic trees find everything they are looking for in the Mediterranean basin in terms of climate. Maintenance then intervenes as a support to allow palm trees to have optimal longevity on all levels.

Pruning sick palm trees: controlling the red weevil

Palm trees are unfortunately too often the prey of harmful insects.

The red weevil is the palm tree's greatest threat since it destroys the palms and gradually kills them forcing the culling of many subjects.

Since 2006, palm trees have often been attacked by the red weevil in the Var and the Alpes-Maritimes. This small pest digs galleries in the palm tree to feed and infects the palm tree from the inside until its death.

Fight against the red weevil - infected palm - palm pruning Côte d'Azur - Exo Jardins

With the help of a regular palm pruning procedure , it is possible to identify the health problems of your subjects and thus to fight against the invasions. Our team of landscape gardeners places traps against red weevils to prevent their proliferation.

Also, we operate a phytosanitary treatment before it is too late to save your palm tree.

Infected palms and stipe are treated so that the tree can fight the insect and regain its shape. Only a specialist in palm pruning can effectively take care of your trees.

Exo Jardins offers you its palm pruning services whatever the species of palm to prune in the Alpes-Maritimes (06) and the Var (83).

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