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Keeping gardens looking good requires regular care.

The maintenance of garden and green spaces is an obligatory step to ensure to have a beautiful green garden and pleasant to live in. Mow the lawn, prune trees and hedges, replant new species, control automatic watering, maintenance interventions are varied.

The follow-up of your garden after the creation of a landscaped green space is essential to maintain the best possible rendering. In any season, a landscape gardener can help you keep your garden in the best possible condition. No more disease problems on trees, trees to be pruned or even mulching before winter!

By entering into a green space maintenance contract with a professional company near you, you can ensure that you always have a healthy garden.

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Stages of garden and green space maintenance

Garden maintenance goes through several key points that keep the garden in excellent condition whatever the season.

You must first know how to choose the right outdoor plants. When landscaping, plants should be chosen based on their need for maintenance. After selecting the subjects, it is possible to know how to organize the maintenance of the garden.

Here are the 5 key steps to properly maintaining a garden throughout the year.

1. Remove weeds and remove green waste

Garden maintenance also involves cleaning the exterior. Removing weeds - weeding, dead branches on the ground and fallen leaves in alleys, for example, should be one of the key steps to regaining a beautiful landscaped garden.

2. Check and adjust the automatic sprinkler system

Watering the garden is an essential step in making sure you have a green and well-maintained exterior. IF you have an automatic sprinkler system , it can be checked and adjusted as part of the maintenance of gardens, parks and green spaces.

3. Digging the beds

The digging of the massifs of the ground allows to aerate the ground and to offer a new soil favorable to the blooming of the plantations. As part of the garden maintenance, it is possible to dig the beds as well as the planting of new subjects.

4. Prune and prune trees

Pruning and pruning trees / shrubs in the garden is a maintenance intervention necessary to regain a healthy garden. By pruning trees, your subjects can thrive better in the long term and not clutter up the space.

5. Mow the lawn

The lawn grows quickly and the garden must be mowed regularly so that your lawn remains a sublime element in your exterior. Professional and regular mowing allows you to enjoy a beautiful exterior.

Of course there are still several possible interventions within the framework of the maintenance of gardens and green spaces. Aldo Cumbo, landscape artist since 1992 takes care of your gardening needs all year round on the French Riviera.

From Nice to Saint Tropez via Le Cannet or Draguignan, the team of Exo Jardins gardeners comes to your place to meet your maintenance needs. Condominiums, municipalities, individuals or professionals, we offer maintenance contracts adapted to your green space (s).

Exo Jardins: your specialist gardener near Cannes (06)

Are you looking for a specialist to carry out the routine maintenance of your garden or your green spaces? Exo Jardins responds to your requests!

Experts in exterior maintenance on the Côte d'Azur, our family business is recognized by many owners, promoters and elected officials of municipalities as a reliable contact for maintaining your garden throughout the seasons.

We provide follow-up that allows you to keep your garden irreproachable at all times by ensuring regular mowing of your lawn, digging your beds, pruning your plants, replacing annual plants or again the phytosanitary treatment of your infected plants.

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