Garden staircase construction

Outdoor stairs are essential to access the different levels of space.

For a public space or in a garden with a drop in height, stairs are very practical elements for landscaping the exterior . Both practical and aesthetic, the garden stairs serve the different areas of the garden. Go to your vegetable garden, to your bowling green, to your swimming pool below, the construction of exterior stairs allow as for garden paths to create optimal circulation.

Constructed of stone or wood, stairs also provide aesthetic landscaping wherever you fit it.

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How to build a garden staircase?

The creation of a staircase is an excellent solution to facilitate even more circulation in a sloping space. Thanks to this element, you can move safely from one level to another of your exterior while beautifying your green space.

And for good reason: what could be more elegant than a beautiful staircase to give character to an exterior!

However, creating an outdoor staircase is not as easy as it seems. It is a matter of starting by making a precise layout in order to integrate the staircase naturally into the landscaping . With a plan established in a design office of professional landscapers you make sure to integrate your staircase in the best space.

Once the location has been defined, you have to get down to business and build the famous steps of this staircase. The garden stairs can be masonry or not depending on the space to be equipped.

Whatever happens, you have to proceed in successive stages:

  1. Measure and calculate the number of steps to create
  2. Make the profile of the staircase by hollowing out the location of the future steps
  3. Install the steps of the wooden or stone staircase according to the choices

Construction of garden stairs - wood or stone - Exo Jardins - Alpes-Maritimes and Var

Good to know: Before operating the creation of an exterior staircase, it is often necessary to carry out earthworks .

Get information from a professional company to create your outdoor staircase in the rules of the art.

What materials to choose to create a successful garden staircase?

Depending on your desires and the style of your garden, construction materials vary.

At Exo Jardins, we offer different types of stairs made of different materials depending on the outdoor spaces to be developed:

  • Wooden staircase for SNCF sleepers for example
  • Stone staircase with shorter or longer steps

The garden staircase must blend into the landscape without denoting the atmosphere created. Is your garden modern? Do you have a very mineral zen space or a warm exterior? Are you planning to create a practical and designer outdoor staircase? We can choose together the best possible option for your exterior.

Our landscapers are able to create a tailor-made staircase according to your desires.

In Saint Raphaël, Fréjus, Mougins, Cagnes-sur-Mer or Cannes, have a unique garden staircase built. We work for developers, companies, individuals, local communities or architects to create beautiful exteriors.

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