Planting vegetation

Planting plants in a garden or a green space is the basis of a beautiful green space!

It is thanks to its plantations that a garden can reveal its full potential. Whether through tree plantations, flowers, shrubs or bushes, plants bring a special atmosphere to the garden . Depending on the plantations chosen, you can transform your garden into a pleasant haven of peace.

In a residence, in a private garden, in a park, plants can adapt to your green spaces depending on the garden layout chosen.

Exo Jardins takes care of your plantations in the Var and the Alpes-Maritimes

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How to plant trees, shrubs and flowers for a well-landscaped green space?

If you want a beautiful garden and / or a well-landscaped green space, your plants do not have to be installed just anywhere and anyhow.

The gardens must meet the desired aesthetic expectations while preserving the axes of circulation and garden facilities . It is therefore necessary to plant subjects in the right places outside so as not to obstruct the passage and to enhance the style of the green spaces.

We must also think about the good development of the subjects and their future maintenance in order to facilitate the annual interventions to be carried out in the garden.

Where to plant your trees, ornamental shrubs and flowers?

Trees and shrubs that take up space must be installed in a place that does not interfere with other plants and where they can fully flourish. This is particularly the case for palm trees which are often isolated for a sober and elegant landscaping typical of gardens in the South of France.

Need to put up a breeze against your fence? Our landscape gardeners suggest that you plant a suitable hedge in your exterior to create a plant barrier between you and the neighborhood.

In order for plantations to be optimally established, all the factors linked to their development must be considered. Plants have various needs for water, sun and even space. Before designing a landscaping , you must think about all these parameters to ensure the best possible development for your subjects.

Plantations - Landscaped garden - Landscape gardener Exo Jardins

Garden landscaping plantations - Var and Alpes Maritimes - Landscape gardener Exo Jardins

Planting trees and shrubs - Landscaping - Exo Jardins

How to choose the best possible plantings?

The first work to do before planting is to choose the right elements and the right subjects.

After a field analysis , some subjects may be favored over others because they will adapt perfectly to the space and the nature of the ground . Also, depending on the atmosphere to be created in the green space, certain trees, shrubs and flowers are more recommended.

Fancy a Mediterranean garden? Palm trees, olive trees and other fig trees will be favored to recreate the natural atmosphere of the Côte d'Azur.
Do you dream of a dry garden? Succulents and cacti will be highlighted in the garden.
You want to create a zen garden? Flowering trees and plants adapted to a mineral environment will be chosen.

The plantings in a landscaped garden should be chosen with care to create the most appropriate ambience. An experienced landscape gardener can help you find and then implement the best features in your common or private green space.

Exo Jardins, professional company in Théoule-sur-Mer and Le Cannet (06) supports you in the creation of your gardens and green spaces.

For a condominium residence park, a municipal public green space, a private garden in a private home, our landscape gardeners take care of enhancing your exterior by optimizing the space. From Cannes to Fréjus or from Grasse to Puget-sur-Argens, our team of professional landscapers operates everywhere in the Alpes-Maritimes and the Var .

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