Automatic watering system

Your green space needs water: opt for an automatic watering system.

Whether it's lawns, plants, flowers or trees, all subjects in a garden need water to stay alive and thrive. The garden maintenance can become restrictive if you have to take care of the irrigation of your exterior.

How about getting rid of the drudgery of watering? Thanks to the installation of an automatic watering system, you can manage your outdoor watering upstream on all levels. Programming the watering time, type of irrigation according to the parts of the garden or even water control, automatic watering allows you to control everything as you wish.

For your peace of mind, we suggest installing an automatic sprinkler system adapted to the configuration of your garden. Find and have installed an automatic sprinkler system adapted to your garden / green space des Alpes-Maritimes (06) and Var (83) .

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7 advantages of automatic watering

A beautiful green garden is envious but it requires a lot of maintenance.

Among the essential interventions to operate in your green space, watering comes unsurprisingly at the top. If it is possible to irrigate your garden manually, it can be really restrictive and waste you a lot of time on a daily basis.

The solution: automatic watering!

This garden equipment has become a staple in landscaping . And for good reason: automatic watering has many advantages.

1. Reduce water consumption in the garden

Automatic watering allows better control of water consumption because it is possible to dose the watering level according to the seasons of the plants.

The correct amount of water is delivered to each subject based on a number of factors chosen on the programming system. Choose the program suited to your green space to save water and reduce your bills while doing something for the environment.

2. Save time on exterior maintenance

An automatic sprinkler system automates and program irrigation of the entire garden in advance . No more hours of manual watering: with the installation of a suitable automatic watering system, your garden benefits from the necessary water supply.

The automatic watering once programmed, you do not have to do anything! You can go on vacation serene and enjoy a well hydrated garden when you return.

Automatic watering - Exo Jardins

3. Irrigate all plantations optimally

Difficult to gauge the amount of water that you inject when you manually water its exterior. To help you irrigate all outdoor plants and trees , automatic watering is the ideal system.

Designed to water all types of plants as needed, automatic watering ensures optimal hydration of the plants of your green space.

4. Ensure the longevity of the ambiance of the landscaped garden

Creating a landscaped garden also means making sure to maintain it to keep it in good condition. Trees or plants that are too little or poorly watered can lose their beauty and interfere with the landscaping in your exterior.

To avoid owing your development plans, consider installing an efficient automatic watering system adapted to your land. This will ensure the longevity of the plants by providing them with the water necessary for their development.

5. Fighting against global warming

The vegetation in the municipalities and in particular the big cities makes it possible to locally reduce the urban heat islands generated by traffic in particular. Thanks to the automatic watering of green spaces, plants can then play a regulating role by lowering the urban temperature to 5 ° C .

By opting for responsible and efficient watering, your municipality will be greener and you will indirectly contribute to the fight against global warming.

Automatic watering installation - Exo Jardins

6. Limit and reduce water runoff

After the episodes of heat or even heat waves that can be experienced in the Alpes-Maritimes or the Var, the soil dries up in depth and dehydrated plants disappear. The big thunderstorms of autumn then strike the ground hardened by the heat and the water flows creating phenomena of flooding.

The automatic watering allows to keep the soil hydrated and moist in order to avoid this phenomenon of runoff.

7. Valorization of green space in all seasons

Hydration helps keep your grass green, your planters healthy and your trees healthy. This enhances your exterior and therefore brings a real bonus to the home or communal space. It has been proven that green spaces and gardens contribute to improving the living environment of people.

By opting for an automatic watering system, you ensure valuation of the outdoor space whatever the season.

You will understand, the automatic watering installation has many advantages whether for a garden or a green space.

Stop looking for the right solution to install a suitable automatic watering system! Exo Jardins, landscape gardeners in Théoule-sur-Mer and Le Cannet take care of setting up your custom-made irrigation system.

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What are the types of automatic sprinkler system?

The automatic watering makes it possible to adapt the water requirements according to the varieties of plants, your grass , your jardinières , your vegetable garden, your flower beds ...

Whether it is a sprinkler or drip irrigation system, it is possible to target different parts of your garden to water only what seems necessary. Depending on the green space, the most suitable automatic sprinkler system should be purchased and installed.

4 main automatic watering systems for the garden

Automatic watering systems are winning over more and more garden and community owners. As explained above, saving time and saving water, sprinkler systems are popular in both small and large spaces.

There are 4 main automatic watering systems:

  • Automatic drip irrigation
    It allows localized watering on certain parts of the garden and gradually irrigates the soil so as not to drown the plants. It is particularly recommended for flower beds, hedges or vegetable gardens.
  • Surface sprinkler watering
    This system allows you to water the whole garden thanks to a rotary function or to remain fixed to hydrate a specific part of the outside. You can program the time and days you want to start watering.
  • Rotary jet watering
    This automatic watering allows you to hydrate both large surfaces and small green spaces. By connecting the water supply to the programmer, watering is triggered at the defined time by spraying the entire garden on a circular perimeter.
  • Automatic underground watering
    Recommended for large gardens and parks, the underground sprinkler allows plants to be hydrated through a network of underground pipes. It is a complete system integrated into the garden that allows you to enjoy a beautiful green garden even in summer.

Automatic watering installation in green spaces - Exo Jardins

Automatic watering installation - Garden irrigation - Exo Jardins - Alpes Maritimes et Var

Maintain your lawn, your park and your wooded garden by installing an automatic sprinkler system.

With the help of a professional landscape gardener specializing in landscaping, enjoy an optimal and discreet installation in your exterior.

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